Referral Codes

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Hey reader! Thank for visiting AX. This post is a basic overview of referral codes. So what are referral codes?

Every rider and driver that signs up with a ride sharing service is given a referral code. This code can be found online by signing onto the ridesharing website or on your profile on your smart phone.

Referral codes are very valuable to riders and drivers alike.

Riders can refer anyone they desire who has not used the ride sharing app yet. It is important to note that the new user must use the referral code BEFORE requesting their first trip. Please note that referral bonuses can vary by location (City/State/Country) and time (promotions, holiday bonuses, etc.). For example right now in Atlanta, GA riders get a free ride worth up to $20 after the person they referred uses their code (shown in the picture to the left).




Drivers can profit the most from referral codes as they can refer new riders as well as new drivers. Here in Atlanta, GA drivers receive $50 after the new driver has completed 50 successful trips within their first month. However other platforms, such as Lyft, tend to offer more incentives. Right now Lyft is offering $200 for every new driver that complete 75 trips within their first month (shown in picture to the right). Again amounts vary by location (City/State/Country) and time.







That pretty much covers the basics of referral codes and how to use them. Feel free to post any questions, concerns, and/or comments below or contact AX directly on our contact page.

If you found this post helpful feel free to use my referral codes to earn rewards!